This is a place where I will write about life growing up in South Philly in the 80's. Since I left South Philly (only went to South Jersey!) and started working in an office with people from around the country, I noticed that I was blessed. Blessed to grow up in a place with so much culture and pride. I often tell stories of my life as a kid in South Philly, and I am surprised when people listen. It seems that there is not many other places like it, excluding a few other cities on the East Coast (New York mostly). With this blog I hope to bring back the memories of the good ol' days. The days when being a kid was good thing with no rush to grow up. When dad worked, mom stayed home and cooked and the kids played dead box or jail break until the street lights went out.

Use the links on the right side to explore life in South Philly. If you grew up in South Philly, and have a story to share, by all means click the contact/submit link on the right and shoot it over.  We would love to have input from other people who grew up in South Philly in any era.

We would love stories about any games, customs, terminology, culture, memories, etc... Long or short share your thoughts!

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  1. I remember my cousins and I running, playing, riding our bikes and jumping on discarded mattresses on what we called "the dumps", the area between 5th and 3rd & Oregon Avenue about 40 years ago before Whitman Plaza Shopping Center was built. Pathmark, K-Mart, now both gone were the main large store occupying the space. Before then we would go food shopping with our family at Acme and Pantry Pride(where Aldi is now).


9th Street - Italian Market

Produce vendor at the end of a long day - May 2012